How the Phone Call Routing May Benefit Your Business

27 Mar

The call routing actually refers to such technology of routing or directing those calls from one point to another. If you are going to place that long distance call from the home phone, then the phone service provider would pick the best route for your call which depends on the time of the day, the cost as well as the line congestion.

There are a lot of businesses out there that would make use of this technology to direct such call to certain individuals in the organization according on the calls origin. For instance, say you have placed such advertisement for your business on TV and radio and also in the newspaper. In every advertisement you would be marketing a different product and, in every advertisement, you utilized that toll-free number.

Through call routing, you can instantly route the incoming calls to certain toll-free numbers to other salespeople based on their knowledge of other products which you are selling. This would get rid of the need to place the callers on hold for such a long time and this could also reduce the chances of such dropped calls or incomplete calls. When you have been on the other end of that call, being a customer, you would know how frustrating such can make you feel.

There are some phone call routing systems which are using the voice command system rather than pressing the buttons to direct such call. That call routing software is actually designed to get every caller to the most proper agent in the shortest amount of time possible. This will help you avoid long wait times and also getting the caller at once to someone who is able to handle their issue or request without the need to get transferred and the need to repeat their situation as well as request can have a great impact on the customer satisfaction as well as the efficiency of the agent.

Such call routing can certainly save the salespeople time and this would also reduce the need for them to transfer such incoming calls to that more qualified salesperson. This would also increase the chances that the prospects will reach a person who is knowledgeable of the product in which they are really interested in which would likely maximize the sales. Those businesses with this system have reported to have higher rates of completed transactions which is really great for the business. Get more info at Ringba.

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